Listening to the murmurs of the crowds

My Collaboration with Beautiful Freaks started around eight years ago. I was still living in Rome and... It was love at first sight ! The Magazine seeks to discover and share all the underground music. It is not about Labels, not about those people that are already well known. It's all scouting and amazing encounters.  I personally volunteer for the Italian Editorial Staff. Sometimes I write about Jazz music in Paris, but my primary position is the hard task to be the official illustrator of the Mag (from more than 5 years now...time flies!). 

Beautiful Freaks is becoming, number after number, always more followed and well known. We now cover all the Italian territory, not only the city of Rome. The editorial receives thousands of records every month. The project is huge and quite unique. Starting April 2016, the Editorial started to create one event per month, in Rome, in order to introduce these musicians to new listeners.  Our copies are free to download. We do it for love. And the black and white choice is not just an economic choice, but a way to communicate.




"Ze" Parisian Photographer

Vincent is not just a Photographer. He's an Artistic Director, so he always a “global” vision of what and why he does something. He is that kind of guy that asks you "Hey! have you noticed this? have you seen that?" ... and well... no.... you absolutely did not : he always gives attention to details ; he always give you another point of view. 

Both Classical and Innovative, his captures show the urban chaos with metaphorical traces of a bucolic feeling, typical of lots of Parisian artists, sometimes suffocated by crowds, cements and bricks. 

My collaboration with him started in 2014, he's my official photographer and the amazing pictures you see on my website are his own works. He's my images, I'm his words.  For more info, i invite you to check his works on his website here.