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French Style Fashion Selection SUMMER 2016

Selection of French Fashion Clothing - Leisure 

I would like to share with you those clothes you cannot live without for Summer 2016. I will do these type of selections quite often, since dressing well is a must if you want to taste the Art de vivre à la Française. 

Since I am not thin (I am a mediterranean woman, i have some curves!) , i will always select and propose you clothe that underline the waist: clothes for woman that have morphological types like hourglass and triangle (Type "A") shapes. 

Never think that because you do not look like the model on the magazine you must go on a diet. You just need to find the type of clothe that fits you the best. 

Cosy with Colors

This summer there are very nice shades of Orange, Yellow and Pink. Marigold, Persian oranges, Tangerine, Tawny, Vermilion, Peach-Orange Tshirts and shirt that you can mary to dark blue and blacks, or rust as well. I saw at Mango some nice shirt with Coral Pink, and COS offers a very nice top with a delicate coral shade. 

Ba&sh has a very nice collection of dresses: the most beautiful is this one, an Amber/Gold dress very nice if you are planning to wear it with dark hair, after a nice sun bath. They have the save model in dark blue as well.

Relaxed and Comfortable


French Reliable Brands

Hope you like it! On my next post i will gladly talk about some very nice french fashion brands that offer a selection of clothing with high quality standard and a unique french touch.

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Lewis Carroll: “Follow the white rabbit”(1)