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Empreintes Concept Store - Smart Shopping in Paris

EMPREINTES is a french fine crafts concept store in the 3rd arrondissement, close to the "High Marais" and le Marché des Enfants rouges. A market place in the hearth of the right bank that showcases more than 1,000 unique and limited edition pieces of art, handmade in the workshops of French craftsmen and artists of matter.

Empreintes vincent bridenne

I had the luck to visit the place with Vincent Bridenne who of course, as Photographer, made great pictures and some artists friends who made me notice every single details in a lot of creations.

You have three floors of high ceilings, in a light industrial style, with a comfortable café, where you can admire furniture, glasses, decorations. Unique jewelry for all tastes.

Should you look for inspiration for your own home, to observe pure and unusual colors or a very lovely gift, you'll find it there.

Price range may go from 40€ from a small jewel; to 5 000€ for a painted zinc mural art. May be too expensive but at least showing very clearly the trends and the differents path of the evolution of interior design.

Photography of the Article is Copyright of Vincent Bridenne.

Photography of the Article is Copyright of Vincent Bridenne.

How to reach Empreintes

5 rue de Picardie 75003 Paris
Line 8 – Saint-Sébastien Froissart
Lines 2 and 3 – Arts et Métiers
Line 3 – Temple

Vélib: Station n° 3006 – 10 rue Pérée
Bus : Lines 20 and 75


Monday to Saturday : 11am – 7pm
Sunday : closed

Exceptional closures :
Monday, 17thApril 2017
Monday, 1st May 2017

Special Opening :
Sunday 7th May 2017 : 11am – 7pm
Sunday 14th May 2017 : 11am – 7pm
Sunday 28th May 2017 : 10am – 6pm

Bank Holiday :
The concept store will be open on Monday 8th and 25th of May 2017, from 11am to 7pm.

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