Americans say: “Hey, Margarita like the cocktail!” and Frenchs: “Marguerita comme la pizza!”. Well once we finished talking about food and alcohol, i confirm "Greta Margherita" is my real name. I spent most of my childhood travelling abroad. From Hong Kong to LA... All I saw I wanted to “fix it”, make it “ eternal” in order to show all these “human living landscapes” to others. Most of the time, I felt at home everywhere, or totally rootless. Today I am in Paris, and i found my home here. Painting for me is a way to give a sound to my soul, colors to memories.

I'm a writer as well. From 2006, I participated to several litterature contests, winning prizes around Italy. I’ve been published in anthologies… and in 2011, i got out from the "writing contests" loop and published my own book in italian, Echi di Volti. In 2008 i achieved my University degree in Modern Languages  with a study on the notion of the “double” in the poetics of the romantic author Alfred de Musset.

In 2013, while i was working on a Jazz story settled in Paris, I moved there. … And I found love in this city.

I try to live everyday at my best. I look for those magical places that give this city a Charm that cannot be reproduced anywhere else. And i try to capture it, draw, paint, scribble or just write it…. in order to show it to you, wherever you are.… it’s my way to make it… and us... eternal somehow. Should you wish to discover Paris i invite you to follow Duet in Paris, the blog all about Paris with the incredible pictures of Vincent and my words. 

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If you ever see the  Dinosaur:

The Dinosaur was born originally as a Pink Dinosaur. I was doing some scribbles to say good bye to a friend, Fulvio, who came to Paris to create a serie of short films showing an uncommon face of Paris. One of this short film was really focused on the weird relationship between Parisian people and the Dinosaurs.


When it all started...

After appearing in his short film with other cartoonists friends, I started drawing this dinosaur. It came soon a daily practise, an habit. And i missed him if i did not draw him. Well he’s a fellow companion and he introduces some locations better than i do. 


About Fulvio and his reportage, do not miss his movie “Reportage Bizarre”, you will see a Paris never shown before.